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Chewing gum removal

Chewing gum is a relatively recent blight on society. It can be seen particularly in public places. Those grey-white, dirt speckled, dots of gum on pavements, stuck to walls, stuck to the undersides of seating and trodden into carpets of shops and restaurants.

Removing gum on a regular basis helps to keep the area fresh and clean. Also, the sooner it is removed the less likely it is to leave an unattractive “oil stain”
It is interesting to note that where councils and other authorities have taken their responsibility seriously and kept the area chewing gum free there is quite often very little gum in surrounding areas. This suggests that when people see gum everywhere they feel that it is all right for them to discard theirs even though it is an offence to do so with a £60 penalty.

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Essex Chewing Gum removalThis is the power behind the force. It is a high pressure pump capable of producing 250 bars (3,600psi). When connected to super heated pressurised water and a turbo lance (a nozzle with a fine pencil jet of water, rotating at high speed as it exits the lance) it gives a devastatingly powerful clean to any surface.

removing chewing gum With the Dynabox 350, we are able to heat the pressurised water to super heated temperatures and the gum has no chance of survival. It literally melts away.

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