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Are you insured?

WE have £5,000,000 of Public Liability insurance, 5 times more than many of our commercial clients require and £10,000,000 employer’s liability.

How long will it take to clean an area?

To clean an area of block paving the size of 6 car parking spaces would take less than a day. This includes cleaning, thorough rinsing and washing down of the whole area.

What does the deep cleaning of block paving consist?

This would consist of the thorough deep cleaning of the block paving, the washing down of the entire area including windows, doors and anything else that may have been splashed. When the area was completely dry a return visit would be arranged to brush in new sand between the blocks where appropriate.

How do you clean the render?

Some companies clean render using just high pressure water from a pressure washer. This is without doubt the wrong way to proceed. It damages the render, saturates it and even if it is covered in algae it just removes most of it but leaves the algae spores to regrow within weeks or months. Using the right chemicals and applying them in a more gentle way will give you a much better result and it will last far longer and of course won’t damage it. The large render companies like K-Render recommend that you do not pressure wash it as amongst other things it invalidated any insurance.

How much does this cost?

This of course depends on the size of the area, it’s condition, what type of surface it is, the location the access available etc. However, we are happy to supply a written quotation for you to view in your own time. If you then have any questions we would be delighted to hear from you.

 How do you clean buildings?

There are a number of methods. If the area has algae and general dirt this can usually be cleaned by using super heated high pressure water. When under pressure, the water can be heated to a maximum temperature of 150°C. This both removes the dirt and grime but kills the algae. If the building has carbon and ingrained dirt then various quality chemicals would be used. Please see the pictures on the “Building & Brick Cleaning” tab.

How do you remove the graffiti?

This is done through applying a biodegradable chemical, leaving it to penetrate the graffiti. Once the product has reacted with the graffiti super heated water is used, to a maximum temperature of 150 degrees C. This melts away the graffiti.

Will it remove all the graffiti?

No company can or should guarantee that it will always remove 100% of the graffiti every time. It depends on how long the graffiti has been there, the porosity of the brick or stone or other surface, the type of paint used, the location and other factors. However, with the equipment that is used we have great success and have every confidence that we will achieve the best results that can be obtained for you. (Please see the video under “Graffiti removal”. This graffiti was on a pathway running along the back of council offices that had been there for many months.)

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Essex, London, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hants

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